Saturday, March 31, 2012

An old edition of the News of the World

I found a Dec 2008 copy of the News of the World when doing a clear out. Why I kept it, I have no idea, but having a read through of the sports pages is quite illuminating how little the paper got right, though I'm sure it all felt completely on point at the time.

'Phil's just fine for Terry' - Phil Scolari given vote of confidence by John Terry.
"He's a great man, he gets on with everybody"
Phil Scolari sacked on Feb 9, 2009.

'Fab's done good - How Godfather Capello saved England.'
Clearly written before the shambles in South Africa 2010, the Capello index, the sacking of John Terry, reinstating of John Terry despite him leading a players revolt, the sacking of John Terry etc etc...

'I'd love to boss England' - by high flying Hull City manager Phil Brown...
Hull avoid relegation by one point, Brown disgraced as he grows a goatee and sings karaoke.

Carragher: We'll win the league.
Liverpool do not win the league and do not end their 19 years of hurt.

Forget the Ashes... 
Later that year, England win the Ashes

Oh well, farewell News of the World...

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