Friday, October 30, 2009

London autumn colours

I've got a bike, and I'll ride it if I like... pictures taken on the journey home

Battersea Power Station, lit up due to some snowboarding rave thing here

Battersea Power Station and the dark side of the moon

Pictures from my bike riding in the autumn of 2009.

Chelsea Bridge

making Tooting look suprisingly ornate

apt, Haymarket.

More London.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Top Photos of 2008

Some of my Top Photos from 2008 - taken in Calgary, Rio, Colonia, Glastonbury, Brighton, Iguazu
All Photography by Andy Lepki, 2008 with the exception of 2 wedding shots. Best of 2007

The long road ahead - nice Winter sunlight in Alberta. This was taken right at the start of 2008, a year which saw me getting married in Canmore, Brighton and Calgary, before taking some time off to travel round South America. Rather than keeping to 10 pictures, I put in 19 this year

More Calgary.

Las Vegas proved to outridiculous even the image I had of it beforehand

More Vegas.

Mo, with Tom and Sarge in the background kicking around Calgary on my Canadian stag do

More Calgary.

Immediately after Wedding #1: The Legal Bit

More wedding.

My attempt at making a calendar style picture!

More Calgary.

I staged this shot at the pavillion to get a handful of poppies into this quintessential British picture.

More Brighton

More England - here with PJ and Chris on hampstead Heath for my English stag do!

This picture was taken by Scott Ramsay as part of the official wedding picture set - this one featuring the rest of the UK Lepkis.

More Weddings.

The annual trip down to Glastonbury was a great one in 2008 - here Chris, Scott, Lisa, Clare, Jill and Sheps make the team shot.

Scott and Scott in full flight at wedding #3 in Calgary.

Rio! The best city from the honeymoon tour, and maybe my new favourite city in the world. excellent views, and food and nightlife and beaches and music and atmosphere!

More honeymoon.

Flowers close up... I like the colour balance in this one. I learnt a couple of tricks with my aging Rebel XT, this being one.

More honeymoon.

Two Brits we met in Bolivia, adding a bit of youthful agility to some stunning landscapes

More honeymoon.

Pigs on a beach? Bonkers old Bolivia again

More honeymoon.

A lizard eating a scorpion. Pretty easy to take wildlife pictures in these circumstances.

More honeymoon.

Can't really fail with this one either - the very photogenic Macchu Picchu in Peru.

More honeymoon.

About the only time I put portrait pictures in. Amazing power of nature at Iguazu Falls.

More honeymoon.

One last wedding shot, without us in it, and taken by Marv or Erica. I think this captures the fun of the day, and something of the decadence of the time!

Marv's Flickr page

The lovely wife. I like the way this one is framed - the pink blossoms of an October spring in Uruguay

More honeymoon

Top Photos of 2007

Some of my Top Photos from 2007 - taken in New York, San Francisco, Brighton, Seattle, and Toronto.

All Photography Copyright Andy Lepki, 2007.

The Calgary Tower taken through a fence on 10th Avenue, just near my work (Critical Mass).

The fence has since been taken down so this view no longer exists.

More Calgary.

The Golden Gate bridge, San Francisco.

This is where i popped the question waiting for tourists to get out of the way, and trying to make myself heard with all the traffic (it is a very busy road!).

More San Francisco.

The beautiful Chrysler building in New York, taken from the top of the Empire State Building.

More New York.

Not a still from a Michael bay film, but a picture which shows the dizzying scale and patriotism of New York.

More New York.

Thanks again to everybody who sponsored me on my 90km bike ride for the Alberta Cancer this June. Thanks to great support from Lisa and her family we raised around $8000 (4000 quid!).

More Bike Ride Pictures. For another good cause, click here

This is a fairly random shot form the Calgary Stampede parade. Maybe it sums up the mixture of conservativism and sluttiness of the whole event!

More Stampede.

I was in Toronto for a couple of days for a bit of a business jolly. I didn't have much time to explore but found this picture present itself, with its moody sky and eerie glow.

More Toronto.

In what was apparantly the wettest UK Summer for quite some time, Lisa & I spent one morning on Brighton beach where the sun was blazing and the colours were sharp. Here's hoping we get another day like it in 2008 :)

More Brighton.

This Summer, I became the stand in wedding photographer for friends Anna & Tom. Bookings now taken...

More Weddings.

Yet more business travel presented itself with a great opportunity to nose round Washington DC. Lots of picture perfect scenes on a plate, of which this one is my favourite with its 70's colours and a couple of semi-staged visual metaphors.

More Washington DC.

My final trip of the year to Seattle - no conferences or team building, this was just about eating seafood, cheesecake and taking the obligatory trip up the Space Needle.

More Seattle.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Anywhere but was taken, so I picked this domain for my photo blog

More things will arrive here soon. Maybe.