Thursday, February 24, 2011


Oh Ecuador! It feels like a long time ago that I swanned around Ecuador on my honeymoon... Two and a half years later, the first video comes off the production line...

I have finally got a method together for using Adobe Premiere 3 to make these videos. I was finding that importing 30 or 40 clips was possible, but when it got to render time, all my final adjustments would either take an age, or crash my system completely.

Effectively, I now import a handful of clips, and set the length of the video to be the length of my audio file. It's a bit of a guess at the start as to how long my video will eventually be, but I can usually find enough material to get into 3 minutes or so.

This Ecuador video was rendered in 3 stages... One with the first 10-20 clips and the full length soundtrack. Once that video was done, I could just import that as a clip into the next version and chop the video at the end of the last frame, and build from that. Long winded I know!

Anyway, the end result is a jaunty trip round Quito and the Galapagos islands. I would have liked to put a bit more consideration into 29.97 or 15 fps as you can tell a bit of the smoothness is lacking around the birds, but for now, enjoy this, before YouTube remove the lovely music by Evinha.

Stop Motion Animation

Great example of some lovely stop motion animation here...

beats my version, but you get the idea!