Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Design a narrative

Based on previous experience/ reality TV stereotypes, Project Runway Season 11 will go a little like this: 

The west coast cow (or middle America hard-worker): Amanda
The fast sewer who hates working in teams: Benjamin
The experienced hand with good tailoring but little flair: Cindy
The international crazy: Daniel
The stubborn loopy: Emily
The family guy with experience: James
The judge's favourite nice guy: Joseph Aaron
The too good for this competition-er: Kate
The one the gay guys hate then love: Layana
The dark horse: Matthew
The stresshead one who drops out: Michelle
The mother figure: Patricia
The noisy one who gets re-instated after someone drops out: Richard
The one who always makes pants: Samantha
The flaming one: Stanley
The timid one who cries at the Skype chat with partner: Tu