Tuesday, October 26, 2010

London at 7.30am

This picture was featured on BBC Breakfast as part of the "should we put the clocks back" argument

Friday, October 15, 2010

Metallic Spheres (Metallic Side) review

Here is a incident-by-incident review of Dave Gilmour and The Orb's 29 minute Metallic Spheres...

40s into the spheres - this is going to be quite funny
1m 35 bass
1m 40 out takes riff from run like hell
lots of cars passing - panning from side to side
3m 50 drums
6m 30 a bit of keyboard twiddle the weed has kicked in
9m sounds like the orb here
9m 45 lyrics!
10m 30 can't help shake the feeling that this is pretty improvised
11m 30 piano
13m 40 moog twiddles. i expect a dog barking sample shortly
14m 30 reboot. acoustic guitar
16m 30 percussion still includes occasional milk bottle. alan's still psychedelic
17m 30 like the equivalent minute in echoes - whooshy noises.. will it all resolve by m 22?
19m looped talking... toast i like marmalade, but not quiet
19m 30 "choir" voice on the keyboard. gone a bit indian
oh wait its 29m long
22m 30 sawing away with the reverb delay
23m twinkles, sounds like the orb have woken up after 9m off
24m 30 finally??
28m the car pans again
well, that was the Metallic Side

Initial thoughts 6 out of 10.